API documentation

Get images

URL:   http://dagensdatalog.dk/api
ABOUT: Returns a json array with the 10 latest images

URL:   http://dagensdatalog.dk/api/:n
ABOUT: Returns an array of n latest images where n is an integer in range 1-256

URL:   http://dagensdatalog.dk/api/date/:date
ABOUT: Returns a json object with the image from the specified date where date is in the format of dd-mm-yyyy

Upload images

URL:   http://dagensdatalog.dk/upload
ABOUT: Post a multipart/form-data with files field 'images'


Systemd service

URL:   naueramant/dagensdatalog-service
ABOUT: A systemd service for gnome which downloads and sets image of the day as wallpaper


Ulrik Boll Djurtoft (ullebe1)

Jonas Tranberg (naueramant)